Friday, October 3, 2014

This will be a long long weekend!

Im really starting to like this whole blogging thing. Its almost like writing in a journal, but for the world to see. Notice how I said journal and not diary? No dirty little secrets will be going on the web, thats just silly :p 

Today was a pretty productive day for me. I woke up, indulged myself in a large McDonalds breakfast (bad I know, but it was so so good), and went to an appointment. 

Today I realized I need to take time for me to enjoy the little things in life. So I decided to take the long route back home. I got to drive by Lake Ontario, and the water was a beautiful light blue, and the sun was shining. It was a great 20 minute drive!

As soon as my car pulled in the driveway... BOOM!! back to reality.

This is when I knew I need to really try the THRIVE EXPERIENCE 

I'm still struggling to find the energy and motivation to do all of my readings, but I try to stay on top of my assignments. I was really proud of myself today and I complete an assignment I was actually afraid to do. Nursing Research kind of scares me, but I think I will get through it! 

Besides a day of wiring of course I had to make time for some Netflix and kitty snuggles!!! <3 Two of my favourite things in the world!

Now.... to tackle this weekend.

I have clinical Saturday and Sunday 7am-7pm. Then back to school Monday morning. 

Most people my age would enjoy going out on a Friday night and drinking their faces off... but not me. I stay home and do more homework and get ready for an early morning! 

Wish me luck everyone! This will be a long long weekend! 

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