Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wanting to Thrive ASAP

So, where to begin....

Today was officially the longest day ever. I didnt sleep AT ALL last night, and literally watched the sun come up. So my thought to myself was that "since I have today and Friday off from school, I can sleep most of my day away."

Yeah.... That was a bad idea..

Besides the fact that I didnt really sleep today, and I curled up watching Netflix made me feel even worse.

I had no energy or motivation to get all of my school work done. I have so much, and its so easy to fall behind, especially in fourth year of nursing.

Finally 4:30pm rolls around, and I decide I should probably get a start on that assignment thats due on Tuesday. So I worked hardcore from 5:00 until right now. OMG can you say the most boring time ever.

On the plus side, I am almost done the assignment, and I will need to finish it up tomorrow...

My point of this long rant.........


I need that energy boost and all of my vitamins and minerals and enzymes!!! Please hurry!!!!

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